Training Practice

We are a training practice, which means that we train qualified doctors to be GPs, a very necessary job in these days of GP shortage. These doctors are known as Registrars. They have a great deal of experience and spend a year with Dr Barhey or Dr Rahman as their mentor so they can learn the fine details of being a G.P.

We also train doctors who are on their first placement in General Practice (six month placement). These are recently qualified doctors who have already experienced some time working in hospital but have less experience than our registrars. These Doctors have made a welcome addition to the practice (having recently qualified they often keep us on our toes and we have noticed they are very thorough in their consultations). If you see a Trainee Doctor you will always see one of the regular doctors as well so although you may have a longer appointment, you will have the advantage of a “two for the price of one offer”!

Finally, we also have medical students join us for part of their training. They are mainly under the watchful eye of Dr Rahman. They are not qualified but are usually quite a way through their training by the time they come to us.
We also offer training to GPs and Nurses to enable them to provide Family Planning Services, such as fitting coils and implants and to qualify for Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health (DFSRH). If you are a GP or Nurse and are interested in undertaking this qualification please contact the faculty approved trainer Dr Ravichandran.

To help these doctors and students analyse their skills in consultation, it is often useful for them to video themselves working. These videos are only made with the patient’s consent (so you will always be asked if you mind first and you are free to refuse if you feel awkward about it), kept for the shortest possible time and only viewed by the doctor and other doctors involved in their training or examination. Please help us with this if you can.