Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

As of 8th November 2018

The following services are not part of NHS work and are therefore chargeable. Charges will need to be paid at initial consultation. Charges can be paid by either cash or cheque with a validated cheque card.

Clinical Care is our main priority and will always come first. Please be advised that our staff need time to complete Letters & Forms and therefore they cannot always be completed straight away.


  • Adoptions/Child minder/Fostering – £120
  • Army – £85
  • DVLA – £65
  • HGV – £120
  • Taxi Medical One Pager – £50
  • Taxi Medical Larger Medical – £120

If we need to complete an eye test as part of a patients’ Taxi Medical, the cost is £120. If patient brings eye test results with them to their Taxi Medical appointment, the cost is £100.

Forms and Certificates

  • Claim Form for Insurance Forms – £35
  • Letters, 1 Paragraph – £25
  • Letters, 2 Paragraphs – £35
  • Letters, 3 or more Paragraphs – £50
  • Power of Attorney – £120
  • Mental Capacity Assessment – £180
  • Private Sick Note – £20
  • Any Simple Certificate – £25
  • Claim Form for Private Treatment – £25
  • Holiday Cancellation Form – £35
  • Fitness to Travel Certificate – £35
  • Fitness to Use Gym – £25


  • Hepatitis B – £25 (per vaccination)
  • Men ACWY – £35


  • Private Prescriptions – £20

Insurance Reports

  • Insurance Reports – Range from £50-£150
  • Electronic Records – Admin Fee £50

If amendments to letters are requested, this comes at the cost of £2.50 per amendment.

Please note: If you cancel your Taxi Medical appointment within 14 days of your appointment date, we will not be able to provide you with a refund. Likewise, if you request a refund for a letter that has already been dictated by a doctor, we will unfortunately not be able to provide you with a refund.

Private Patients

Doctors will see patients who are not entitled to receive NHS treatment but they will be charged for this service. The fee depends on the length of consultation, location of consultation and nature of consultation. You will be informed of the charges from the outset. Payment must be made by either Cheque or Cash and must be made at the time of consultation.